• Fiesta Stock Horse Show & Rodeo

    In 1958 the Stock Horse Show moved to Earl Warren Showgrounds and a professional rodeo was added. Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association athletes from all over the West came to Santa Barbara to compete. The Horse Show was expanded to include a variety of classes giving riders and ropers of all ages and ability levels a chance to show their skills.

  • Santa Barbara Fair & Expo

    Get ready for your close-up! “We’re Going Hollywood!” and rolling out the red carpet at the 24th annual Santa Barbara Fair & Expo!, April 24-28, 2013 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. It's a star studded place that will put a smile on your face! Carnival Ride Thrillers, Farm Animal Adventures, Award Winning Fair Food and Hollywood entertainment are the top billing at this celebration of legendary Hollywood fun.

  • The Santa Barbara Orchid Show

    The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show is one of the largest and oldest orchid shows in the United States. Visitors delight in exuberant displays of blooming orchids. with exhibits designed to each year’s show theme. A step into the Exhibit Hall is a step into the lush colors and fragrances of exotic, beautiful orchids.

  • Circus Vargas

    Circus Vargas conjures up an astonishing array of artists in its newest, most exciting spectacular! Presenting, “Magikaria, A Fantastical Magical Experience!” An amazing production bursting with mystery, magic, music, and more!

Earl Warren truly is a gift to our community. What takes place there educates and entertains people of all ages over a wide range of interests. It helps bolster the local economy and provides a place for those who protect us to both hone their skills during training and locate command centers when disasters actually strike. What we've all gained from a healthy Showgrounds facility has cost little over the past 50 years. It's now time to re-energize Earl Warren as the unique events venue it has always been. Please help us bring this facility back to the standards that Santa Barbara expects and deserves.

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